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Friday, 29 May 2015

Assalamualaikum, dunia, :).

Assalamualaikum, dunia!

What a cheerful greeting! Hahaha.

How are you guys? Hope you are all in a good condition of health.

By the way guys, kenapa saya tiba-tiba muncul?

The school holidays starts today! Hehe.

And it's my birthday today on 29th May.

Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to me~

Really? Yes, I sang that to myself yesterday, in front of my elder brother when I was eating a chocolate muffin that I made it myself for my birthday to distribute it to my dear friends. This is how it goes:

"Wehhh, sedapnya! Makan sorang!" My brother tegur me when I was eating the muffin. So, I menunjuk la showing that face when you taste something like really scrumptious.

"Happy Birthday to me~ Happy Birthday to me~" And yes, I sang that. And my brother laugh at me. So then I offered him to have the muffin that I'm having as I'm not a muffin lover. Well, he is. He just loves all sorts of pastries, cookies, cakes, and all the sweet things that I rejected. When he said that the food is good enough to be eaten as much as you could, I just can eat one or maybe two of it. Haha.

Okay, I know, it's sooo funny that I had to do my own birthday cake for my birthday. Naaah~ But never mind, I'm used to it. Hehe.

So, it was my first time having my birthday on the school days. Before this, it was always on the school holidays. So I was like really jakun having people wish me Happy Birthday secara lisan. They wish me and I smile with a thank you. It was like "Banyaknya orang wish aku!" Hahaha. Minta tolong faham ye, saya tak pernah dapat wish Happy Birthday secara lisan lebih daripada lebih kurang 5 wish setiap tahun. Itu pun daripada kalangan family. So, it's normal for seeing me quite jakun like that. Haha.

So, what's up with me?

Hoho. Nice question, huh? Well, of course that the school activities was really tiring. You know with those studies, kokurikulum activities and all that laa.

And I had just ended my examination week today, which I had my amali hidup for my Biology subject. For those yang tak tahu, amali hidup is an examination based on making experiment that replacing paper 3. Well of course that we are having that amali hidup for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Haha. It's funny having those subjects written in English since I actually studied them in Malay.

So the examination week went on for three weeks. Yaaa, I don't know how I could survive with those examination for THREE WEEKS. Sometimes, I do feel like getting unconscious so that I don't have to answer all the papers. But, alhamdulillah, I've made it.

Well, it's so sad to tell you guys that I've missed a lot of my studies after being chosen for the PISA test that was organised by OECD involving another approximately 70 countries. Malaysia is one of the members who took part in this test. It's not that I'm not proud for being chosen for the test. But the thing is now, I am so reluctant for missing my studies because of the test.

So, this test is being done every three years, if I'm not mistaken. The result for the past test before this showing that Malaysia had its place on the 1/3 below the list. Heee. So, because of that, they did sooo many activities for us (the chosen PISA's samples for this year's test) hoping that Malaysia will made it to the top 1/3 of the list.

What activities that we did?

And unfortunately, we have to keep those activities as our international secret. Hahaha. I know, sounds like "Laaah, bajet gempak sangat aje." Hehe.

Before the test started which is on 29th of April, we are involved for the intensive classes which teaches us on how to answer the PISA's question. You know, we missed our initial classes so much as we had those intensive classes for four over five days of school every week and we managed to get into our initial classes after the break which is at 11.10 am. And we went back home at 2.30 pm.

So, it is 29th of April... and the test is being done by notebooks that the government gave to our school. You know, it was really hard typing on that keyboard that I have to make an incredible force until the test room sounded like this 'tap, tap, tap, tap' Yaaa, I'm not lying. Everyone is trying to make those word muncul on the skrin. Haha.

It was so hard as the time provided to answer each domain is about an hour. Can you believe it? With really, quite lots of questions and the problems of typing the words. It's just like "Oh My God! Can you please muncul on the skrin right, every time I typed you!" Haha. Yes, I got like every words wrong when I typed it. It is really getting me frustrated.

So, tamat lah the kisah for the PISA test. Nanti kita tengok result sama-sama. And if the results are meant to be not good enough as what the government hopes, don't be mad at us. It is the notebook's fault that they made it hard for us to answer all the questions on time. YES, THE NOTEBOOK'S FAULT. Anytime when we will be having the same test again, maybe another three years, make sure that the test is being done by writing, or maybe you could give us a better notebook to be used. Yes, I'm serious about this. The notebook troubled us much.

And, next, our examination started on 11th May 2015. And all of the PISA's students being like,

"Oh My God! Is it true that we will be having our examination in a blink of an eye?"

"Serius, weh. Aku rasa otak aku kosong nak jawab exam. Satu apa pun aku tak tahu"

"Have you catch up all the things that we missed?"

Haha. Yaaa. It was a week of SERABUT for PISA's student. You know, we had to catch up all the things that we missed and go to school and study as usual every schooling day. It was reaaaallly tough!

So, the examination comes whether we want it or not.

And it was okaylah for me.

But not really lah especially for the subject that I've failed on the past examination.


Yaaa~ I had 8A's (I can't remember the number for my A+, A, and A-, so I assume it all A) And 1F. Can you imagine that?!


 So, it was quite though for me to maintain my result and improve my ADD MATH.

And today, I've got a few of my examination results including ADD MATH. Guess what? This is how it goes:

Chemistry: 29+72= 101/170= And the percentage is 67% (B)
Agama Islam: 86% (A) (I did not expect this because the topic that my ustazah asks to read the most that I read the less. And the questions came out quite many about that topic that made me can't answer it well. So, really, alhamdulillah.)
Biologi: I had my mark for paper 1 only today which is 40/50. My classmate got 44. Yes, it is a new persaingan for me.
Add Math: A killer paper for me. I'm really bad on the topic functions. Huhu. So, I got blank answer space there and there and there for my paper. Yaaa, kids and friends, do not try this on your examination. I am really a bad example. So I got 36% for Add math which is another F. Again. Yes, again. But, alhamdulillah, the marks are increasing from 21% to 36%. So, I had to do a really great effort on this subject.

Okay, that was the results that I got today. Conclusion, don't you leave the answer space blank. Do anything that you can. Untung-untung terbetul, adalah korang dapat 1 markah. Haha.

So, my sir for Add Math made a perjanjian with us. He said, "gagal, you lari keliling padang 5 round tengah-tengah panas sebab masa sir semua masa matahari naik." And the class was quiet. Sir then asked, "Boleh ke tak?" Tanpa rela dan dengan paksaan, we answered, "Boleh...." You know how bad that it sounds when we all answered that with our mouth was like 0.1 cm opened. Haha.

And my results sampai to my father. You know that he is a strict father. Remember my entry 'SELEPAS SEBULAN?' When I was brainwashed by my father for my Mathematic's result is C when I was in Form 2. And Alhamdulillah, I got my Mathematics well now that I can teach my younger brother.

I know, that my father did everything, for he loves us very much. He loves us very much that he wanted us to have our best in our lives. He told us to do what you want to have. He didn't urge us to get an excellent result, but he told us to do what we want to have.

So, my elder brother who is 18 this year, got a really excellent result for his SPM. And all the offers running for him. Really, big offers. The first offer was a foundation of Sains Teknikal in Universiti Malaya. You know, Universiti Malaya is the oldest university in Malaysia. So, he accepted that offer.

But a day before we wanted to sent him for his registration which should be on 23rd May 2015, he got another big offer from MARA. It was an offer for him to study at MFI (Malaysian France Institute) in Bangi for about 20 months. He will be having a preparation study there and if he got his results well, he will be going for France. At first, my brother had a dilemma to choose the best for him as he did not into the course that the MARA offered to him so much. So, he did a talk with my father. My father did advise my brother really well. And then, my brother decided to choose MARA.

So, then he started to learn French by his own. Using his phones and all sorts of technology. (I said now, he is really a hardworking person. A big difference gap between him and me.) So, it was really great for me to see how he shows that he is really an excellent person (not like me).

When he was busy with his French, yesterday, he received a call from Maybank, the strongest banking corporation in Malaysia. The call was telling him that he got an offer of scholarship for local to study Civil Engineering in Nottingham University in Semenyih (If I'm not mistaken). So he was like, Civil? He is not interested in that. And the terms and conditions were quite though as he must score at least 3.5 pointer for every test.

After thinking and talking and researching, he finally made his decision today, when I got back from my school.

Guess what?

He chose Maybank's offer rather than going for MARA.

I said you, Maybank, maybe you're lucky to have my brother with you. He learns to improve himself and he learns from his mistakes. And, he have a great confident level in himself. But, yaaa~ The others are great too. And maybe better than my brother. But I'm talking about my brother now. So he's the subject. Hehehe.

So, that's him, dealing with great big offers in his after-school life and that's me, dealing with my mid-life crisis as a school student.

And my father asks me to do well as my brother did. See, he became a benchmark for us, to get an excellent result like he does or maybe better than him.

And I know what I must do. I must do better. Must improve myself. Must love knowledge more. Must be sincere more. Must do doa more.

Yes, I must do want I want to have. I must do what I want to have.

So, that's it I think. That's my story for now. And maybe this blog will be updated on the next long school holiday, which is on the upcoming November and December. So don't wait for me. But if you misses this blog, just visit it. Thank you very much for your support all this while. So, there'll be some entry for mini novel or maybe cerpen this school holiday. Read it when you feel to.

Sorry for the Manglish and any flaws. WARNING: Do not use this entry as a guide to write an essay. The grammar are sooo bad. ^_^. Hahaha.

Thank you, readers. Assalamualaikum, :).  

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