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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thank You!

Assalamualaikum, guys!

Wishing all of you a great health, :).

It's another half month to finish before the new year comes!

Are you all excited?

Well, I did not since this year resolutions are still wandering somewhere haven't found their ending yet. Hahaha. Look like I must bring forward the 2016 resolutions into 2017.

Please raise your hands if we're alike!

No, don't bother that intro.

We'll talk seriously now.

So, referring to the title, this post is written to thank all of you, my dear readers. A long journey has it been since the first time I create this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and writings. I started my baby steps in writing on December 2012. And since now is December 2016, it have been 4 years! Yes, 4 years, guys!

THANK YOU, DEAR READERS, for being with me in this journey. I really, really, really, appreciate your time and your energy to read my stories. It's not easy I understand, to read  those stories that sometimes are good and sometimes are not. And it's not easy to follow a story that I didn't always update/ the story that you didn't find its ending (because I didn't update).


I seriously NEVER FORGETS that before I am missing for a few months, I have said that I will continue updating JBC on December and finish it. And I know, some of you are MAYBE waiting for it. Buttt, I'M SORRY, guys!

Somehow what, sometimes, I just can't finish the small, small, stories that I start because of some particular reasons; which is:

1) Since it is a small story (I am referring to mini novels or things alike it), I write it as a matter of practice. It was just a medium for me to keep writing when I am too busy with the student life. Obviously I can't concentrate on my to-publish-manuscript when I was too busy to write. I am afraid that the to-publish-manuscript will turn out bad.

2) I forgot how the story supposed to flow and end! Yeap, I am being honest. I FORGOT. So that's why I didn't update the next part of the story.

3) Basically, since I am a writer, I can just create a new story line and end it. Buttt, I am too afraid that we might have to changed the type from mini novel to novel. And that's what I don't want it to be.

4) Since I am free from the life as a student now (for a few months only, TO BE EXACT), I am taking this chance to work hard on my NEW MANUSCRIPT, NEW STORY, AND INSYAALLAH, NEW HARD COPY NOVEL. So, I am not going to write anything else besides focusing on that manuscript. Oh, if you are wondering about the short story (HIDAYAH DIA) that I have been posting, DON'T WORRY. That is too, what I have been doing for my practice and it has completed in my laptop, waiting to be published in here.

Yeah, so that's the reason why, I didn't update the next part of JBC. I'M SORRY TO DISSAPPOINT YOU. SO SO SORRY. Maybe I'll just get JBC down since I don't want to crash any hopes anymore.

If you are regularly visiting my blog, you would realize that, I've get Saudara Selamanya and JIYKP down from the sidebar. Yeappp, they are both gone.

Well, it's not like the story is NOT FINISHED. NO, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT. It's just... I've been thinking something. Both of it has found the word TAMAT but, I did not plan to send them to any publisher to turn them into hard copy novels. So... I've been thinking something, should I or should I not post them ALL in here. For you guys to read them? Well, share me your thoughts regarding this.

Oh my, this is totally different from what I intended to write at first.

I was going to THANK all of you!

Yeah, THANK YOU again, guys!

For all THE COMMENTS that you leave, I've read it all. You know that nowadays we have this phones where email is necessary. As you posted your comments in here, they appear in my email. So I READ IT ALL. It's just. I don't really have time to reply it one by one. (Macamlah ramai sangat yang komen)

Thank you for the honest comments. Those yang komen tajuk tak kena dengan jalan cerita, OMG! I really HAVE to admit, MEMANG tajuk tu tak kena dengan JALAN CERITA. Yesss, YOU ARE RIGHT. Even actually, after I ended the story, I cakap dalam hati, "Tak ada kena mengena langsung tajuk dengan jalan cerita." But however, I just posted it. Thank you because you have the same thinking with me. I will be more careful in choosing the title after this.

For those yang komen cerita tu BEST (HIDAYAH DIA), well, I have to admit, cerita tu memang cerita yang paling BEST dalam banyak2 cerita that I wrote. Maybe, it's just the matter that I wrote my previous stories when I was still 13-15. Masih tak cukup MATANG. Hahaha. So yaaa, the story turns out to be tak berapa best.

And for the reader from Indonesia... I haven't answered your Salam yet. Waalaikumussalam, sis. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your support.

And for those commenters that intended to write and LOVE to write (including my Indonesian SIS), I support you. Just write. Write anything that you LOVE. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER this, setiap penulis bertanggungjawab atas karyanya. Maka, sampaikanlah perkara-perkara yang baik. TAK KISAHLAH TAK JADI BESTSELLER pun, asalkan KAU TAK TANGGUNG DOSA ATAS PERKARA-PERKARA BURUK YANG KAU AJAR PEMBACA KAU. If you need to know anything, don't afraid to ask. I am not THAT GOOD. But I am trying to be one. Feel free to add me on Facebook. We can communicate better there. 

Okay, I think that is all about it. Thank you again for being with me all these years, going through this ups and downs of life.

And don't forget to share your thoughts regarding JIYKP and SS in the comment below. Should I or should I not post it in here? I am looking forward to read what you think about it.

*If you're wondering why I am writing this 90% in English. I AM ACTUALLY PRACTICING. Haha.*

So, till the next update.

Which is TOMORROW. Thursday, remember? I will update the next part of HIDAYAH DIA TOMORROW.

What did Wardina meant by something's fishy? Hmmm...

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